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Asplan Viak Digital Services is a Norwegian consultancy company specialized in web based map and database solutions. Active within national and international R&D projects, we develop map based web and mobile applications for public sector, tourism and e-learning.

About us

Map apps
for web & mobile

Adaptive multi-purpose web map portal makes it simple to set up and run map portals enabling rich GIS-capabilities to advanced and inexperienced users alike through a web browser interface. Features includes map navigation, geoprocessing, and map creation.


funded projects

We have experience from partner and subcontractor participation in national and international R&D projects, aimed at developing new knowledge and innovative services. We also work internationally through the Norplan consulting partnership.


Oil spill response system

Oil spill on beach

Background and purpose

The system has been adopted by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) and the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO). It is an effective tool, providing accurate and up-to-date information about the scope of the oil spill, thus enabling fast and precise coordination of efforts during the clean-up.

The long term goal for the system is to help reduce the environmental impact of future oil spills.

Impressing the US Coast Guard

(Extract below translated from Norwegian tech website; see also this article in BarentsObserver.)

In 2014, the Norwegian Coastal Administration and the US Coast Guard entered a cooperation on oil spill response. It turned out the system used by the NCA is the most advanced of its kind, leaving the US Coast Guard impressed by its functionality.

- With this new solution, the GPS is active immediately, and you have control of where the images are taken. You save time and get far more accurate information about the contamination.
(Jan-Olaf Kristoffersen, IUA Telemark)

How the system works:

When an incident occurs


In the initial phase, the operations center gathers reports about the event, then prepares and initiates clean-up. As part of the planning process the following can be registered into the system: deployed booms, forward depots, waste stations, surveillance pictures, and oil penetration.

By combining registered and collected data with thematic maps, a good overview over the situation is obtained. This is of great help when quick decisions are to be made.

Upfront, the operations center staff can set up and organize thematic maps that will be of help in case of an incident. It is also possible to set up incidents for use during drills and self-training.

Oil spill assessment in the field


Before clean-up can begin, it is critical to gather accurate and up-to-date information about the scope of the oil spill. During inspection of the coastline, field personell fill in forms based on the Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Technique (SCAT), using a mobile app.

Registered segments and oil spill are snapped to the coastline, enabling comparison of results between successive field assessments. If necessary, parts of the oil spill geometry can be digitized manually.

The app can be used offline. Before heading to the field, map and coastline data can be downloaded for inspection of the area. Registered information is stored locally on the phone/ tablet, then uploaded by the user when possible.



After the data from the inspection has been uploaded, work orders are created on the basis of registered segments and piers. These are printed and laminated for use in the field. The app is used during clean-up to create daily reports for collected mass and oil spillage. Color coding of the status of the segments gives a quick overview of the work progress.

Following an operation, an evaluation can be performed by going through the historical data. One can go to any given time in the map to see how the operation evolved, including the status of the clean-up efforts.

Communication with the public


The system can also be used for communication externally during and after clean-up efforts. The public and press can be given limited insight through role based access.

Based on the collected data, statistics and graphs are easily generated for use in the preparation of reports and presentations.

Map applications for web & mobile

Our map applications


The web platform Adaptive is an alternative to simple desktop GIS tools, suitable for distributing maps via the web, for data capture and for simple analysis and editing of data. Map clients are easily set up via an administrator tool — where content, functionality, user interface, and cartography can be defined.

Mobile apps

By combining our app framework and our web platform Adaptive, we have developed several tools for registration purposes. In short, data is being registered through a mobile device on site and then synchronized to a central device for assessment.


Our services

Map data

Knowledge of applied GIS is a core element of our business. Our solid competence allows us to efficiently maintain, analyze and present huge amounts of geographical data.

Geo Coding

We have developed a cloud-based mapping tool to enrich existing data sets with coordinates, and to correct and ensure the quality of already mapped content.

Project development

We are experienced within project development, nationally as well as internationally. We contribute during all stages of the process, from applications to project management.

Academic lectures

We lecture and teach QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and MapServer, as well as how to apply our own products. We also hold introduction courses on using web based clients.


We author documentation and support systems for our custom made solutions, aimed at all user levels – from beginners to technical maintenance personnel.


We offer professional user support for our own products as well as for any other QGIS, MapServer, PostGIS, and PostgreSQL based application.


We assist in the specification of hardware platforms, including purchases and installation, as well as the implementation of software for operating map, database, and web applications.


Our experienced designers are competent within user experience and interaction design, and will assist in lifting your online presence. We also offer profile and graphic design.

Asplan Viak Digital Services

Asplan Viak Digital Services – or Avinet, for short – is a Norwegian consultancy company within map, database and web technologies. Avinet is active within in R&D projects, and offer a range of map based web and mobile applications.

We provide a wide range of services such as:

  • Specification, development, running and maintenance of web based map and database solutions.
  • Participation in national and international research and development projects in order to develop new knowledge and innovative services.
  • Academic lectures within GIS, courses related to Avinet products and tailor-made courses to suit the need of individual customers.

A core activity for Avinet is the development and maintenance of a range of highly innovative map and database based web and mobile applications, addressing various thematic areas.

International activities

Asplan Viak Digital Services is a division within the Asplan Viak group, which holds over 1200 consultants in Norway. Asplan Viak covers a wide range of consultancy and engineering diciplines ranging from analysis, planning, architecture and infrastructure to GIS and ICT.

Asplan Viak is part owner of the NORPLAN consulting partnership which holds about 1000 consultants world-wide.

Vision and goals

Our vision is to provide smart solutions based on innovation and experience. By doing so we wish to improve the working processes and information needs of our customers. The name Avinet shall be associated with strong technical competence, good thematic understanding and successful cooperation.

Who are we?

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